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Infrared Heating Solutions

Ducoterra’s Sola Ray electric infrared heating ceiling panels offer a low-cost, high-comfort, energy-efficient heating system for your home.

This simple, proven technology directly heats people, furniture, walls, and floors in a room by emitting long-wave far-infrared heat. Just like the sun heats you when you are outdoors, Sola Ray infrared heating panels heat you directly without wasting energy heating the air itself.

Sola Ray’s infrared heating panels do not require expensive ducting – only a simple electrical connection. The installation is done by mounting the panel to the ceiling with screws and to a wall thermostat. Thanks to their slim line profile, the ½” thin panels blend seamlessly into any living area.

Sola Ray panels are ideal for heating entire homes or supplemental heating for cold spots, finished basements, guest rooms, bonus or movie rooms, or anywhere ducting is impractical or too costly.

Other systems, like ducted forced-air heaters, or baseboard and wall heaters, utilize convection and only heat the air which rises to the ceiling and must be replaced by more heated air to maintain comfortable heat.

However, Sola Ray panels work differently with radiant infrared heat, directly heating people, walls, floors and furniture in a room without heating the air, and they operate entirely noise-free. The result is you are more comfortable, you reduce your energy use, and you lower your heating bill!

Why Chose

Ducoterra’s Sola Ray

 Infrared Heating Panels?


SOLA RAY electric infrared ceiling panel heaters are up to 50 % cheaper than conventional heating systems. Highest quality components are used in order to produce an infrared heater with a virtually unlimited lifetime.


SOLA RAY infrared heating panels use up to 30% less energy than wall heaters and 50% less than baseboard heaters. And are more economical than a forced air heat pump system.


SOLA RAY electric infrared ceiling heaters do not require expensive ducting– only a simple electrical connection. The installation is done by mounting the panel to the ceiling with screws. Thanks to its slim line profile, the ½ inch thin panels blend seamlessly into any living area.


SOLA RAY electric infrared panels are require no maintenance, cleaning, or filters like conventional systems. And they come with an industry-leading 20-year warranty.


In combination with room thermostats, SOLA RAY infrared heating panels provide perfect heat according to your needs. Once turned on, within minutes you quickly feel warm.


DUCOTERRA has a commitment to helping our environment by reducing carbon emissions. SOLA RAY’s infrared heating panels in combination with clean energy or photovoltaic systems are a perfect contribution to protect resources and the environment.


SOLA RAY electric infrared heaters promote a dust, allergen, and bacteria-free air, preventing the unpleasant dry breeze of convection heating. They operate completely silently and the temperature is evenly spread throughout the room.

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