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Sustainable + Energy = Senergy

Senergy co-op transformed the former Texaco gas station to showcase local businesses that focus on sustainability. Our businesses can help you to create a sustainable lifestyle with a home, garden, or modes of transportation that are energy efficient, require low maintenance, and are made from non-toxic materials. Our design-build team can help you create your own complete sustainable lifestyle by designing your home, building it on your land, and landscaping your environment.

Sustainable Lifestyle Products

Labor Leaders

Labor Leaders educates youth through hard work, teaching valuable life lessons through good old fashioned manual labor with experienced guidance and supervision.

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Green Pod Development is a builder of sustainable modular homes. with healthy interiors and furnishings. GreenPod assures basic human needs: clean water, clean air, natural light, temperature-controlled, efficiently-designed homes in a beautiful environment.

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Cranky Caster Construction provides weatherization services to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

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Water from Air

An Atmospheric Water Generator is an appliance that employs dehumidification/condensing technology that extracts water from the humidity in the air. The water is then filtered and purified through several filters including carbon, and reverse osmosis, and UV sterilization lights. The result is pure drinking water from the air. This technology is often referred to as "water from air", "water from humidity", "air water maker" or "air water generator.

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Sun Power Bike

ELF is a sun-powered trike featuring bike pedals and solar electric assist to make your ride fun and easy, clean and green… and fast.

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Outbacks are affordable do-it-yourself kits made of carbon free 100% natural wood. Studios, offices, gazebos and all-age play houses are under 200 SF. Delivery and assembly available.

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Recycled Shed

One of a kind structures from reclaimed and recycled materials or custom outbuildings.

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Recycled Containers

Vacation rental, offices, custom designed and remodeled by your local PT Senergy team.

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Vertical wall gardens and edible landscaping are our specialty.

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Arbors, carports, and pergolas using timber frame timeless construction using sustainable harvested wood tailored to suit.

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Ducoterra is the manufacturer of Sola Ray infrared radiant ceiling heating panels, an advanced green heating technology packaged in the world’s thinnest heating panel. Sola Ray panels produce heat that is similar to the heat produced by the sun, generating invisible infrared heat rays that gently and comfortably warm you with whisper quiet operation.

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